Kata containers for IBM Z are now on snap

Since version 1.6, Kata containers are available for Linux on IBM Z via snap. You can find the snap page here. In order to install kata on s390x, you need to have snap installed on your system and then you can follow the online documentation to get kata working on IBM Z.

In order to configure docker to use Kata, you need to add kata as additional runtime in the daemon.json. My daemon.json looks like this

$ sudo cat /etc/docker/daemon.json 
   "storage-driver": "overlay2",
   "runtimes": { 
      "kata-runtime": { 

Finally, you can start a Kata container using Kata as runtime.

For example

# On the host
$ uname -mro
4.4.0-138-generic s390x GNU/Linux
$ docker run --runtime kata-runtime -ti alpine uname -mro
4.19.28.container s390x Linux

Happy hacking!

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